Organisationsveränderungen & Restrukturierung

Organizational changes and restructuring

Areas of expertise:

  • Start-ups/Company mergers
  • Company transfers
  • Internal reorganizations/transformation
  • Outsourcing of business units

Are you planning a major reorganization or tranformation in your company? Do you want to merge several operating units or outsource some?

If you need someone on the ground who can advise you on HR issues and provide support during implementation, you should contact me.

I offer

  • Advice and support for senior management
  • HR project management and change management
  • Steering and coordination of personnel, organizational and communication activities
  • Negotiations with co-determination bodies

HR Instrumente

HR tools: Conceptual work and roll-out

Skills shortages, digitization, new ways of working – these and other external factors impact on whether you achieve your business potential and your HR goals. That’s why it is essential to adjust the HR strategy in a timely approach and revise existing HR tools – or to introduce new ones if necessary.

You have a specific scenario and

  • You want to react in time to the predicted lack of qualified operatives and managers?
  • Your development programs need to be revised as a matter of urgency?
  • You need a performance and compensation scheme that is fair and transparent?

I am in a position to provide expertise particularly in the following core areas:

  • Talent Management
    (e.g. competency models, potential analysis, succession planning)
  • Personnel development
    (conceptual development of programs for future leaders, career track models, development plans)
  • Performance management
    (job evaluation systems, target setting schemes, performance appraisal schemes)

HR Organisationsentwicklung

HR organizational development

I advise and support you on setting up an efficient and capable HR department prepared for all future challenges.
My contributions include:

  • Conceptual development of a customized HR target organization (structure, processes)
  • Analysis, design, optimization and implementation of HR processes
  • Job descriptions and requirements for all HR roles
  • Supervision and support for training HR staff in new roles
  • Implementation of the new set-up

Operatives HR Management

Operational HR Management

You are looking for an HR Manager

  • Acting as an HR Business Partner for your managers and employees in all HR topics
  • Managing all HR operations around the HR value chain (e.g. recruiting, career development, change management, performance & reward management)
  • Breaking down and executing HR strategy in operational activities
  • Managing HR issues with the codetermination bodies (works council, senior managers’ council)
  • Assuming the functional and disciplinary lead for employees in your HR department

As an HR generalist and with a track record of extensive experience in operational HR management, I am able to bridge temporary vacancies in your HR department and assume full functional and managerial responsibility.